Cedar Point shows off new rides as opening day approaches

Lake Erie Eagles is a swing ride that allows riders to pivot the cabin back and forth

After a cold and snowy winter, a true sign of the summer season has arrived: Cedar Point will open its gates for the season on Saturday.

And if you plan to go anytime this year, youâ??ll notice two new rides in the back of the park along the Gemini Midway: Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream.

Cedar Point gave a sneak peak of the two rides at a media event Thursday. The first new ride is Pipe Scream, which will be the park's seventeenth roller coaster. While Cedar Point is known for being the first amusement park to build a 200-foot (Magnum XL), 300-foot (Millennium Force) and 400-foot roller coaster, Pipe Scream is meant for people who like to stay a little close to the ground.

â??Pipe Scream is kind of an intermediary coaster. And we say itâ??s a combination of a thrill ride and a coaster in one,â?? according to Bryan Edwards, Cedar Pointâ??s Director of Public Relations.

The coaster moves back and forth at more than 40 mph along a 300-foot track, all while constantly rotating at 360 degrees. Edwards said Pipe Scream will be great for families to ride together.

Directly across the midway from Pipe Scream is Cedar Pointâ??s other new ride: Lake Erie Eagles. Itâ??s a swing ride with a twist, giving the rider some control of their experience. The cabins include a rudder that pivots left and right, controlling the way the cabin is oriented as it circles around.

â??I like to say you can kind of set your thrill level from mild to wild on that ride. So, every ride will be unique on Lake Erie Eagles, â?? Edwards.

Both rides and the rest of the park will open to the public Saturday.

Cedar Point will then be open every day through Labor Day Weekend.

Along with the new rides and updated Gemini Midway, the park will offer new food and drink options, including a Chickieâ??s and Peteâ??s (known for their crabfries) and a Starbucks.