Certain supplement may help child's behavior

Many research studies have found a relationship between iron deficiency (ID) and poor intellectual or behavioral performance.

According to the Iron Disorders website, "Iron-Out-of-Balanceâ?¢ in Children is a condition when iron is too high or too low for the child to develop, grow and live normally. Other words to describe Iron-Out-of-Balanceâ?¢ include iron disorder, iron imbalance, too much iron or too little iron."

And, just recenrly, yet another health study shows evidence that iron supplements may help reduce behavior problems in young children. Researchers in Sweden say babies who were born with a low birth weight -- but were otherwise healthy -- were less likely to show signs of behavior problems at age 3 if they were given iron supplements as newborns.

Doctors say more research needs to be done, and warn against giving newborns any supplements unless directed by a pediatrician.