Cherry Picked Auto Parts salvaging cars, environment

(Toledo)--One north Toledo auto parts store proves any junkyard dog can become the eco-friendliest of canines.

This new business drives home the point salvaging the planet is just as important as your car.

Cherry Picked Auto Parts store, off Detroit Avenue in north Toledo, opened up at the end of last year. Now the owner, Joel Beren, is convincing others this business is on the road to something big when it comes to saving our planet.

Cherry Picked Auto Parts is called a "pull apart" or self-serve salvage yard. The public has access to "cherry pick" parts they want or need for their own vehicle. And in this tough economy where you try to hold on to what you have, you really can't ask for more.

And while customer satisfaction is a top priority, keeping Mother Nature satisfied is just as important too. All contaminants, such as oil and antifreeze, are captured and recycled properly. Many of the cars themselves are even recycled down the road at OmniSource.

Beren's family has had a name in Toledo business for more than a century. Beren says this million dollar venture makes him hopeful concerning the state of the economy and environment as well.

Beren also says buying parts at his shop will save you about 50% due to a low overhead and small staff. Typically about a thousand cars are on the lot. If you want to contact this business, call 419-724-5503. The location is at 5650 N. Detroit Avenue. It is open daily at 8 a.m.