Child drives car into gas pump

An 11-year-old girl drove into a gas pump at a Toledo Shell gas station.

Braddy pulled up to the gas pump at a Shell station near West Central and Talmadge late Monday night. When she didn't pull close enough to the pump, she told her 11-year-old niece to pull the vehicle closer for her.

"The eleven year old hit the accelerator, lost control of the vehicle and hit the gas pump, which in turn started the pump on fire as well as the vehicle," said Mark King with the Toledo Police.

Fortunately everyone escaped the incident without injury

"It could have ended up a lot worse... every time there is a fire, especially at a gas station, it is extremely dangerous," said King.

Trisha Warner was getting her gas Wednesday afternoon and agreed it could have been much worse. She said, " The whole place could have went up. It really could have. It's nothing to mess around with. It's pretty dangerous.

Trisha is a mother of three and says it was just plain bad judgement saying, "I would never ask an eleven year old to get behind the wheel."

The station is now back to business as usual, minus pumps seven and eight. The rest of the gas station was spared due to an emergency fuel cut-off switch that was activated by an empoyee inside.

Lashawnda Braddy has been brought up on numerous charges including driving without an license and child endangerment.