Children and teachers slain in school shooting remembered in Toledo vigil


eople from all walks of life showed up at the
Toledo Children's Memorial to honor the twenty children and six adults killed in Friday's shooting rampage in Connecticut.



like Holly Burgete

who showed up were still asking this question

, "how can this happen to kindergarteners. I couldn't believe it."


o one could

believe it, that's why those in attendance lit a candle in the victims honor, "I'm here tonight to show my support for all of the family members that are going through all of this. I know exactly what they're going through, they're all upside down right now," says Burgete.

The tragedy that unfolded inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School brought back painful memories for mother Wally Martin, "It just brings back all the horrible memories that I've had 4 years ago when my son was killed in a car accident. I can just feel everyone of the parents hearts break," says Martin


he compassionate friends of
Northwest Ohio organized Saturday night's vigil. In addition to lit candles, many people dropped off stuffed animals, and there thoughts and prayers, "we just want the parents to know that we even in Toledo, Ohio are thinking of them, praying for them and we are there for them," adds Martin.