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      Children bare knuckle brawl in British cage fight

      YouTube footage of an eight-year-old and a nine-year-old boy having a cage fight in England is making waves across the internet. The Associated Press reports that these boys were going toe to toe in a steel cage with no gloves of protective head gear in front of a roaring crowd.

      Children advocacy group and government officials have called the match barbaric and dangerous. British government representative in charge of sports said the images were shocking. "Getting more young people doing sport is great but I do ask myself whether it really does have to be in a cage," Hunt told the BBC Thursday. "It just feels to me, it feels very barbaric and I know there are concerns about children that young doing a sport like that."

      Michelle Anderson owns the pub that hosted the bout and she says the boys were not in any real danger. "The children were not doing cage fighting, they were just grappling," she said. "There was no punching, kicking or striking."

      Some British cage fighting advocates feel that this video is a black eye for the sport and acts like this should be condemned.

      Do you think it's alright for young boys to be involved in cage fighting? What should the age limit be? Would you let your children do Mixed Martial Arts? Sound of down below....