Chrysler, Jeep debuts new style of Cherokee

The popular Chrysler line of Jeep Cherokee was unveiled to the public Wednesday in New York.

The response of online bloggers and Cherokee inthusiasts suggest that it has not been received as well as Chrysler would have liked. But they did say this was to be expected.

"When something new is rolled out, and historically has been the case with many new models, people have to adjust a little bit. What they think now might not be the same going forward," says Dave Doster with Yark Jeep.

The new Cherokee design was brought back into the loop as a replacement to the discontinued Liberty model.

However some have called the new design down right ugly, and say it lacks that tough, rugged look of old. Still, dealerships think it will be a big seller.

Chrysler has totally revamped the old "boxy" style, and other short-comings, like its previous 13 miles per gallon fuel economy, have been updated as well.

"It also has an eight speed transmission. It would give it unbelievable mileage on the highway, up to around 30mpg," says Bob Rajner, a Jeep retiree who had just purchasd a new Grand Cherokee.

Bob says his opinion is definitely partial, but he has been driving a Jeep since they first came out with the Grand Cherokee in 1993. He says, no matter what it looks like, a Jeep is a Jeep.

"It's rugged. It'll take you anywhere you want to go," says Bob.

He boasts that the pride in those who work under the Jeep name, will speak for itself in the product.

However if you can't get away from that old jeep style, the Jeep Patriot looks remarkably like the early 90's Cherokee with a square frame and lower sitting chassis.

The new Cherokee is said to be just as versatile and off-road capable as they always were, but if you prefer more of the off-road appearance, you can always go with the staple of the Jeep brand, and buy a Wrangler.

"It goes right along with Jeep since they started making them in 1940, they just get better every year," says Bob.

You can expect to see the new Cherokee model on dealership floors in June of this year.