Church drops eggs from helicopter to begin Easter egg hunt

Easter baskets filled with eggs

The Church on Strayer located at 3000 Strayer Road in Maumee, held its fifth annual Easter egg hunt Saturday evening, by placing the eggs on the ground in a unique way.

Jake Michalski, Childrenâ??s Pastor at The Church on Strayer, threw thousands of eggs to the ground from a helicopter flying above the hunting ground. "To see all those kids out on the field, just waiting for the eggs to fall was a lot of fun," Michalski said.

Around 3,000 people attended the hunt, and around 4,500 eggs were on the ground Saturday.

Jake Michalski noticed that the egg hunt at The Church has grown in popularity over the years. "I heard lots of people say that this is their third or forth time back. It is becoming a tradition here in the communityâ?¦it gets better every year."

If you missed the hunt Saturday, there are still plenty of eggs to hunt for on Easter Sunday, at 10:45 at The Church on Strayer.