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      Church group brings Souls to the Polls

      Church organizations of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative are exercising their right to vote and urging the community to get registered at Tuesday's "Souls to the Polls" event.

      Pastor Talmadge Thomas invited community members to the City of Zion church on Vance Street to get voters registered by Tuesday's 9 p.m. deadline. Thomas offered voters and their families a day of fun with home-made food and desserts, movies and information-sharing activities.

      Ten other Toledo-area churches participated as "Souls to the Polls" locations, including Third Baptist Church and Jerusalem Baptist Church. City of Zion used church buses and vans to transport over 100 voters to and from the polling location at 1500 North Superior Street.

      "They didn't have to be members of the church, but if they just needed a ride then they were able to call and we'd get them there," said Thomas. He continued, the event is "Non-partisan, and just a good time."

      The Ohio Organizing Collaborative encourages voters to have a plan to vote early and will "Continue to agitate Secretary of State Jon Husted to mandate weekend voting hours throughout the early voting period."

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