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      Church helps feed children in need

      Over the past two days, five hundred volunteers at Toledo's Northpoint Church have prepared 100,000 meal packs to help feed the world's malnourished children.

      Six weeks ago, Northpoint began raising-funds for the effort. Although they needed to raise $22,000, they surpassed that goal by $3,000.

      "We had a pancake breakfast, garage sales, we sold tamales," said co-chair volunteer Amy Bourcier. "We just did a bunch of stuff to raise the money."

      Feed My Starving Children is the non-profit group that provided the ingredients for the food packs. They also help facilitate shipment to the receiving communities. They say it's the volunteers who really get the mission accomplished.

      "They are all a part of the packing process to get the food packed and shipped out to where it's got to go," said Corey Barrette, a Mobile Pack supervisor. He continued, "We don't have any warehouses or packing facilities in the country that do this, it's all done by volunteers."

      FMSC supervisors showed the church volunteers how to safely handle and pack the food. The packs are a healthy combination of vegetables, rice, soy and chicken.

      "We pack it into individual meals and each little pack feeds six children," said Bourcier. Co-chair volunteer David Munn added, "It was something I thought was a great cause, something I could get excited about."

      Although Northpoint Church does not know exactly where the meals are headed at this time, they can rest assured that their efforts will feed nearly half a million starving children. The group hopes to pack one million meals next year.

      What else can we do as a community to help feed the hungry? Let us know on our Facebook fanpage .