Church members hold vigil for victims of Sandy Hook tragedy


community came together to remember the lives of children and teachers lost in the
Sandy Hook shooting massacre.


eople who filled the pews at
Glass City Church of Christ gathered Thursday night to pray for the victims and light candles in their honor.


any put themselves in the shoes of the victims

, a

nd when they did

, their emotions couldn't be held back. "I kind of saw myself in a classroom and just imagining anyone barging into that classroom and doing any harm to any of my students or myself," explains Dr. Cecelia Adams, member of the Toledo Public Schools Board of Education.


ragedies like last week


shooting is striking close to home and leaves many parents and grand parents in this crowd concerned for their own child's safety

, "my grandson called me and they had to leave school because somebody had called the school, threatening to do some shooting at the school," says Annie Childress, member of Glass City Church of Christ.


eaving many on edge

, questions are being raised about school security. An issue Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jerome Pecko says he's pursuing with TPD at the beginning of the year, "we're also going to ask for additional drills particularly with lockdown because it's only required once a year," says Pecko.


prayer vigil also pushed for an end to gun violence

, a

problem not just seen on the national stage

, but locally as well. "I think people need to put their guns down and think about investing in the lord," says Childress.


hurch pastor
Robert Birt, Jr. says going forward he hopes gatherings like Thursday nights will shine light on problems locally so tragedies like the one in Connecticut never happen here.