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      Cities jolted by road salt sticker shock

      This past winter, the city of Bowling Green used 1,800 tons of road salt, more than twice the previous winter. That is a testament to the severity of winter 2014, and city leaders want to make sure they have enough road salt just in case there is another harsh winter.

      "Last year the city of Bowling Green used about 1,800 tons of road salt and we have about 1,400 tons in our barn right now," said the city's Public Works Director Brian Craft.

      The bulk of that supply was purchased in July as part of the Ohio Department of Transportation's summer purchasing plan. The price was $45 per ton.

      In August, ODOT submitted bids to buy more road salt but came away empty handed. "The prices were much higher than what ODOT thought they should be," said Craft. "The $134 price was three times what is was last winter."

      Craft says ODOT has told him he has to come up with road salt for Bowling Green on his own. "We already contacted a few companies this morning and they say we are on the list and so we are waiting to get in line like everybody else," Craft said.

      The city of Toledo has a supply of between 75,000 and 80,000 tons of road salt stockpiled. Engineer Chris Cousino says the city was able to buy road salt for $48.95 per ton this year compared to $38.22 last year.