City admits defeat in gang map case

The City of Toledo filed a motion to dismiss its appeal in the case involving the police department's gang map. A court of appeals had ruled in favor of the Toledo Blade ordering the city to give a copy of the gang map to the paper. The city filed an appeal with the Ohio Supreme Court. In its Wednesday, August 13 edition the paper published the police department's gang map. This action effectively rendered the city's appeal unnecesary. Jen Sorgenfrei, public information officer for the city sent an e-mail late Tuesday afternoon explaining the adminsitration's position. "While, arguably, important legal questions remain that are capable of repetition yet evading review, Respondent-Appelant believes that the publicatiob of the requested record moots the underlying issue before this Court. Accordingly, dismissal of this action is appropriate at this time."

Mayoral candidate, Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez, says the administration has wasted time and resources in the now extinct legal battle. "The fight over this map has highlighted Toledo as a community with gang problems and this whole year the mayor could've been addressing it rather than using his resources to fight transparency," Ms. Lopez said.