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      City council addresses violence at Toledo Correctional Institution

      The deadly assault on a Toledo Correctional Institute inmate last Monday prompted some members of Toledo City Council to lobby for change at the prison.

      Toledo City Council Members Paula Hicks-Hudson, Lindsay Webb, Steven Steel, Tyrone Riley, and Shawn Enright introduced a resolution asking Ohio policy-makers to address issues surrounding a sudden spike in violence at TOCI.

      The most recent inmate-on-inmate murder was the jailâ??s fourth in the past 13-months, in addition to an inmate suicide. Prior to the recent string of violence, the last inmate murder at TOCI occurred in 2000. A recent report from the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee suggests the increase in violence is the result of changes enacted by Governor John Kasich in 2011.

      The institution was originally built as a single-celled prison to hold Level 3 non-maximum security inmates. Jail overcrowding throughout the state converted the institution to double-bunk cells in 2011, and began housing maximum security inmates. City council members in favor of the resolution say those facility changes have created a dangerous environment for staff and inmates.

      â??The combination is lethal, having basically a third more inmates than the building was built for,â?? said Webb. She continued, â??Having the most dangerous criminals in the system coming together is a recipe for disaster for Toledoans.â??

      The resolution asks to â??Reduce the number of inmates at TOCI and to take steps to insure prison personnel are treated in a manner that decreases the current high staff turnover.â?? WATCH: State releases scathing report

      City council as a whole adopted the resolution with an 11-1 in favor vote. The city clerk will deliver the resolution to both Governor Kasich and Gary C. Mohr, the director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation.