City council discusses $3.9M addition to snow removal budget

Toledo City Council is discussing how to budget $3.9 million to the cityâ??s snow and ice removal budget for 2014. Council will vote on the issue next Tuesday.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski plans on voting in favor of the revised budget. He says the important thing is that Ohioâ??s roads stay safe.

â??More than anything we need to pay our bills,â?? he said prior to Tuesdayâ??s city council meeting. â??The law weâ??re going to discuss today will, in essence, commit those dollars so we can determine how we pull it from the taxpayers.

The City of Toledo has already outspent their initial ice and snow removal budget of $5.5 million. The added funds would replenish the cityâ??s salt supply and pay road workers for overtime hours.

Salt costs are expected to jump due to nationwide demand after this winter. The city is considering using more salt brine, which is a cheaper option.

City workers do not mix sand with salt because it doesnâ??t dissolve and clogs the cityâ??s sewers.