City Council President Challenges Mayor Bell for Office

McNamara to run for mayor

Less than two weeks after Mayor Mike Bell made his re-election plans public, City Council President Joe McNamara announced his plans to challenge the incumbent.

McNamara declared his candidacy at Toledo's Fire Station 3 Tuesday morning. The democratic candidate blasted Mayor Bell on his economic development, saying that the city of Toledo deserves better. McNamara has long been a harsh critic of some of the mayor's decisions.

McNamara went on to say that, as mayor, he plans to prioritize public safety, strengthen the public school system and create better economic opportunities for city residents.

"When people are working, we have more money to do things. So I want to shift the focus of the city of Toledo economic development to focusing on jobs for people who live here," McNamara told WNWO."That is what everything is built on."

He said he will focus on jobs within the city to create a more vibrant middle.

McNamara could face a rival for democratic support: Lucas County auditor Anita Lopez has been considering running for mayor, but has not officially declared her candidacy.