City council president depressed by vacant houses report

Toledo city council president Paula Hicks-Hudson says a report that originally aired on WNWO news on Tuesday at 6 p.m. concerning abandoned houses in her district left her feeling depressed. "It's a sad situation and I wish that someone had contacted me sooner so that we could try to help these folks out," President Hicks-Hudson said.

Residents who live on East Park Street between Elm and Chestnut say that drug dealers and dope fiends are using vacant houses on the block for illicit purposes. Dozens of empty beer bottles litter the porch at 412 East Park. Hicks-Husdon says one phone call can have the trash removed. "The Neighborhood Beautification is a program whereby if a house is determined to be a nuisance city employees will come and clean it up," Ms. Hicks-Hudson said.