City Council president isn't satisfied with pool funding plan

<p> <font size="3"> <font face="Calibri"> <font size="2" face="Arial">Monday is city councilâ??s deadline to approve a city budget.</font> </font> </font> </p>

Mayor D. Michael Collins has a plan to open four of Toledoâ??s public pools, but the City Council President says thatâ??s not enough.

The mayorâ??s team plans to use more than $254,000 that would otherwise be spent on police uniforms to open Navarre, Willyâ??s Roosevelt and Pickford pools.

Wilson and Jamie Farr pools would remain closed. Both pools are in North Toledo, in City Council President Paula Hicks-Hudsonâ??s district.

â??Iâ??m thinking we might be short-sighted by not pushing to find a way to have all the pools open,â?? Hicks-Hudson said.

Council member Hicks-Hudson said people have already called her to discuss donations toward funding North Toledoâ??s pools.

â??Iâ??m not giving up,â?? she said. â??No. We have to make a consistent effort to try to provide these types of services.â??

Ty Fries is the owner of Debâ??s Soft Kreme, an ice cream parlor down the street from Navarre Pool. He says traffic at the pool has a huge impact on his business. Heâ??s all for the mayorâ??s plan.

â??Spending money on kids is never a bad thing, especially when itâ??s giving them something constructive to do,â?? Fries said.

Monday is city councilâ??s deadline to approve a city budget.