City council set to discuss funding for Family House

Toledo City Council is considering awarding Family House $10,000 to replace its broken stove.

Family House, a social service in Toledo that provides help to homeless families, could receive thousands of dollars in funding after cuts to federal grants.

Toledo City Council is considering awarding the organization $10,000 to replace its broken stove.

Located in central Toledo, Family House serves 107 people with families and provides them with a place to stay. Executive Director Renee Palacious said the organization's food program was eliminated in September 2012 when former Toledo Mayor Mike Bell's administration recommended funding cuts. Palacios said she was told it was due to reduced federal funding under the Community Development Block Grant. It lost $85,000 as a result.

To compensate for the loss in funding, it had provided meals to its families from church donations and a $5,000 grant from Kroger. Tenants do not regularly get a home-cooked meal.

"We do see kids in the evening for dinner eating potato chips and drinking pop, just eating processed food that isn't good and healthy for their bodies," explained Palacious.

Rhonda Fanning, a tenant at Family House, said the organization has limited resources. "It's very difficult because while we try to make nutritious meals for our family, it's kind of hard without a working stove," said Fanning.

But circumstances are turning around for Family House. Palacious said the organization plans to hire a cook thanks to $29,000 awarded from Lucas County to homeless service providers.

City council will consider funding for Family House at their May 7 meeting.