City council to address the water rate increase

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell proposed a water rate increase months ago.

Tuesday evening's city council meeting will be when they first address the issue on the agenda.

Lamont Hobbs, who ownes numerous salons in the Toledo area, says, "You're gonna have to take care of the water bill over multiple businesses, and if you incur just a little increase over all the businesses, the cost will definitely affect you."

Mayor Bell says the rates in the Glass City are significantly lower than other cities in the region, and all the money he's spent is for the betterment of the city.

"If you have a leader that's doing what's necessary, I think that it's like a no-brainer. This is what you need to do. You need to go ahead and keep that person there," said Belll in a press conference addressing the PAL program as well as other spending.

He says low water costs have resulted in the Collins Water Treatment Facility falling to a desperate level in need of renovations. Leaking water pipes and aging equipment are a constant in thye facility.

"Who wants to see brown water?" says Bell, "Ok. I don't see anybody raising their hand for some brown water."

If approved, by 2018 residential customers will pay around 125-dollars more per year. Many on a fixed income will see about a $31 increase.

However many locals say that any utility increase would be an affect on their wallets.

Lamont Hobbs, who pays his water bill in person at the downtown water office, says he sees first hand some of the problems other citizens are facing.

"When I was in their a few minutes ago, there was a lady that was very concerned. She was an elderly lady that was very concerned about her water bill being a little higher than she expected, so she was making a payment arrangements," he explains.

The city council is expected to take public comments and questions about the possible increase at a meeting later this month.