City leaders bothered by trash piling up throughout Toledo

Bulk trash rests on a curb in south Toledo. (Jim Nelson/WNWO).

Some Toledo city council members say it's time to clean the city up.

Prior to the adjournment of Tuesday's council meeting, three members of the council -- Lindsay Webb, Matt Cherry and Yvonne Harper used their platform to make note of trash that has been piling up throughout the Glass City.

"We see multiple piles of trash laying out by the curb for sometimes months -- or least over a month," said Cherry, the district two (south Toledo) council member.

Residents are responsible for arranging the pick-up of bulk items, according to a news release issued by the City of Toledo in January of 2016, the last time such release was published to the city's website.

Bulk pick-up is available to citizens once per month -- but Cherry points out that the city has an agreement in place that calls for Republic Services to pick such items up even if they are not called.

"That's not happening," said Cherry. "I'm getting a lot of calls about trash being out to the curb for three weeks. I've seen it myself so I know they're not just frivolous calls."

If Republic is forced to collect without prior notice, residents will receive a letter from the city, according to the aforementioned release, which says a second offense could result in a service fee of $75.

Elsewhere, there are concerns about trash and other objects being littered in public areas.

"I look at it sort of like a cancer," said Larry Warnimont of north Toledo. "Once it starts, it does nothing but spread. If you don't take care of it, it just adds to it."

The issues there have prompted action.

"We have a weekly cleanup," said Alfonzo Narvaez, a community activist who intends to run for city council this year. "If we see a spot, we'll spend two hours picking up trash."

He says that can go a long way in changing the culture of neighborhoods.

"Once you start that trend of doing the neighborhood pick-ups and clean-ups, you start seeing other people get involved."

To schedule a bulk pick-up with Republic Services, residents can call 419-936-2511.

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