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      City leaders say Toledo water is safe to drink

      The city of Toledo narrowly averted a second do not consume tap water advisory this month when high levels of microcystin were detected at the city's water treatment plant over the weekend.

      Samples tested on Friday showed .972 parts per billion of the toxin microcystin. Tests during the first weekend in August showed microcystin levels above 1 part per billion which prompted a do not consume advisory that lasted through Monday morning August 4.

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      On Monday afternoon Ed Moore, Commissioner of Public Utilities, said city water is safe to drink. "Our water is safe to drink, it may have a different appearance and may have a thin, slight film over it because of the increased use of chemicals which we have to do in order to maintain drinking water," Moore said.

      Moore says city leaders have undertaken new actions in the wake of the August 2-August 4 crisis. "One thing we have done proactively since the last event is to put a water monitor buoy near our intake, it's new technology that allows us to see the water right into our intake," Moore said.