City of Rossford looking for other options after failed income tax increase

With a 59% no vote, Rossford has to look for other options to gain more of a budget on residential road construction (WNWO).

It's back to the drawing board for Rossford. The city is working to come up with a plan after voters turned down a tax increase.

The .25 % increase would have added about $500,000 a year to the current budget, mainly for residential road work. One idea they have now is to set up a storm water utility. It would raise about $400,000 for storm water restoration only.

City Administrator Michael Scott says they simply don't have enough money for road construction right now.

“It was primary set for our residential streets. We've got about 13 and a half million dollars in residential construction that needs to happen. A lot of those roads are turning to gravel and they need to get something done with those fairly soon."

The vote earlier this month failed with 59 percent of voters against the tax increase, or 1,053 people against it and 717 for.

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