City of Toledo to repair hundreds of sidewalks


Toledo City Council approved $600,000 to fix Toledo sidewalks.

They're so bad in some spots, residents have said they've hurt themselves walking over them.

"I was walking down the street behind me and one of the squares had lifted and it just happened I was wearing sandals and tripped on the raise and cracked two ribs," said Bob Laurila of Toledo.

He lives in the Harvard Terrace Neighborhood and his sidewalks were so bad, he repaired the section in front of his house on his own.

However, the City of Toledo says they understand the need and are now approving the repair of hundreds of sidewalks.

"Currently we selected 328 locations from existing complaints and areas that we were aware of that needed repair," said Doug Stephens, Division of Engineering Services.

The city says they tackle sidewalks by severity based off a 1-5 scale, 5 being considered the worst and most urgent sidewalk in need of repair.

"5's typically are something where the sidewalk has been raised 5 inches or more, that could be due to cracking, sinking, trees and so fourth," said Stephens.

Laurila says he's happy something is finally being done.

"It's a great thing. We just had our street repaved last year so this is a real nice addition to the neighborhood," said Laurila.

If you need to report a sidewalk in disrepair, contact the City of Toledo.

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