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      City offers rewards for tips on Toledo's scrap metal thieves

      TOLEDO -- After an ordinance, recently passed by Toledo City Council, imposing harsher penalties for those caught selling stolen scrap metals, the city is now offering rewards to those tipping police off to scrap metal thieves.

      A new law will place those convicted of stripping metal from homes on a state-run "do not buy" list that would prevent them from selling to pawn shops and scrap yards. If metal is stolen from a house, police will now be able to have any vehicle used in the commission of the theft impounded.

      Now, the City of Toledo and the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing say they will pay up to $1,000 to anyone that can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who strips or steals metal from a home.

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      Toledo Police is urging the community to help stop house stripping and theft from vacant homes as it contributes to the degradation of the city. In addition to the blight it creates, the thefts lower property values and can lead to the loss of a home.

      Top rewards will be offered for tips leading to felony breaking and entering convictions. Smaller rewards of at least $100 can be had for tips on metal thefts.

      If you see or know of someone house stripping, call city hall. Call 419-936-2020.