City says winter has put a dent in its budget, but it will be fine

<font size="2">W<font face="Times New Roman">elch says</font><font face="Arial"><font face="Arial"> tax payers</font></font><font face="Times New Roman"> won't see the cost of this winter's cleanup for two years.</font></font>

Mother nature has been rough on Toledo's roads and the city's snow removal budget.

Clearing the record-hitting snow and fixing potholes, city road crews have been working 12 hour shifts.

WNWO learned from the Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor, they've spent about $850,000 dollars out of their $5.5 million dollar budget from clearing two weeks of severe weather.

Most of the expenses come from employees accumulating overtime by working 12 hour shifts. Those employees are still working those shifts.

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"We're staying on top of it. We've got a big hit to the budget. A $850,000 in the two weeks is a substantial amount of money, but we'll be ok. We're just asking people to be patient with the potholes filling and plowing," explained David Welch, Toledo's commissioner for Division of Streets, Bridges & Harbor.

Welch says because the city budgeted more than its needs, the city will be fine this winter.

Welch says tax payers won't see the cost of this winter's cleanup for two years.