City streets no match for the Pothole Killer

Traditional cold patch mix at the Streets, Bridges and Harbor facility. (WNWO/ Marcus Espinoza)

The City of Toledo approved a plan to use a new tool in the fight against the city's potholes.

It's called the Pothole Killer.

The City of Toledo said the company that makes the machinery is based out of Pennsylvania and will provide a machine for 6 months for the city, as well as an operator to train city employees.

"It's a spray injection pothole patching machine which actually puts a liquid material down first and then we apply stone in with that and pack it into the hole and we get a better product out of it," said Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Streets, Bridges & Harbor.

The city also said that if this proves to be successful they'll look into integrating it into their own machinery for permanent use.

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