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      City to debate demolition of old Clarion Hotel, 1 day after the building catches fire

      A fire broke out on Sunday morning at the former Clarion Hotel on S. Reynolds Rd., a day before the city debates its demolition.

      Burnt debris scattered the ground below the former Clarion Hotel in South Toledo after firefighters contained the blaze by tossing flameable material out of the building.

      The 11-story building has been vacant for several years, showing visible signs of decay, including boarded up and shattered windows. Toledo fire officials believe the blaze was started by a person in the building. Itâ??s a reason why some Southwyck area residents say the blighted building is a danger to the community.

      In a statement to NBC 24, Toledo City Councilman for District 2 Matt Cherry said:

      â??As I have stated many times in the past 5 months, as the Councilman for District 2, one of my top priorities is bringing the Clarion Hotel to the ground. Not only has it hindered development of the Reynolds Road corridor, but it has been a major safety concern, as we have seen today. Not knowing the full details of the investigation of the fire, I would rather not speculate. I will continue to work with the economic development team to get this issue taken case of in District 2.â??

      The city is currently working on a plan to buy the property, so it can be demolished. The demolition would cost tax-payers about $300,000 dollars, with funds used from the cityâ??s capital improvements budget. Committee of the Whole will meet at 10 a.m. on Monday to discuss the buildingâ??s demolition.