City to pick up storm debris

After the recent storm that blanketed northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan in heavy ice, heavily damaging property, the city of Toledo says it will offer free debris pick-up service.

City crews have been working hard to clear downed trees, limbs and branches from several city roadways.

Electric crews continue to work to restore power to thousands left without service after Sunday's storm. The city is making it a priority to clear debris from areas where electric service has yet to be restored, so that crews can access those areas.

The city of Toledo says that within the next few weeks, it will be collecting fallen tree branches and limbs that are too large to fit into regular city-issued refuse containers.

If you would like your storm debris to be collected, the city as Toledo residents to remember the following:

- Move storm debris - tree limbs and branches only - to the curb between the street and the sidewalk as soon as possible.

- Be patient as the city works to collect the debris, as the priority is clearing streets. It may take several weeks for forestry crews to collect the storm debris.

- The city's Division of Parks and Forestry will collect the debris and accordingly only tree limbs and branches will be collected - no construction or demolition debris will be taken.

If you have any questions regarding storm debris you may call the Division of Parks and Forestry at 419-245-3357.