Clay High School athletic trainer faces sexual battery charges

A Clay High School athletic trainer is being investigated for sexual battery.

An athletic trainer tasked to work with high school students in Oregon has been charged with sexual battery.

According to Oregon Police, Melinda Rober, 35, is being investigated after reports that she engaged in sexual misconduct with male students at Clay High School.

Rober was an employee of ProMedica who worked with students at the high school for the past decade. She recently resigned from her position with the health group.

Oregon Police Chief Mike Navarre says Rober has been charged with two counts of sexual battery and that an investigation into the alleged misconduct continues.

Oregon School Board President P.J. Kapfhammer addressed the accusations Saturday evening.

"They're like my kids," said Kapfhammer. He added administrators "Have 100 percent full board support to figure out how this happened, why it happened, and make sure this never happens again in our system."

ProMedica has released a statement saying they are fully cooperating with authorities on the investigation. The statement goes on to read, â??Our athletic training program has an outstanding history and reputation and we in no way were aware of or condone any inappropriate behavior.â??

Clay High School Track team member Vincent Lewinski said, "I'd never think an athletic director from here would ever do something like that." He continued, "I don't want anything bad to be thought of Clay, not everyone's like that."

Rober is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Oregon Municipal Court.