Clean your computer or lose Internet, FBI warns

July 9 could be a frustrating day for those who don't scan their computer for DNSChanger malware.

Hundreds of thousands of Windows and Mac users could lose Internet access on July 9 after the FBI takes out the servers of a type of malware for good.

But don't panic--there are plenty of ways to check and disinfect your computer before "Internet Doomsday."

Back story

According to Forbes, when a computer is infected with the Trojan malware called DNSChanger, the user will be redirected to different websites as they are surfing the net. The cyber thieves then push web ads to the user and make millions of dollars in revenue.

The FBI seized the servers used by these criminals last year and have actually kept them running due to the millions of computers infected by the malware.

Once the FBI shuts the servers down, those who are still infected will go offline.


You can check your computer for this malware by logging on to the DNS Changer Working Group's website. The site not only scans to see if the malware exists, it also removes it.

Forbes' article also lists multiple alternative tools you can use to remove the DNSChanger malware.

The malware does not infect Linux users, iPhones, iPads or Android systems.