Cleanup continues: tornado damage still litters Bellevue streets

Bellevue tornado cleanup

Chainsaws still buzzing and crews out in full force, Tuesday's blazing heat didn't stop Bellevue residents' storm cleanup efforts.

"They worked their tails off - and everybody still is," said Lori Rogers. "I mean, there's still a few roads that are closed and power lines being put up and trees being removed off of properties. It's devastating. It's sad."

Street after street, limbs and power lines still litter the curbs with uprooted trees and damaged homes still a testimony to last Wednesday's E-F 0 tornado, which touched down with winds up to 75 miles per hour.

Bellevue natives say they've never seen such destruction in their hometown.

With power now on in most of the city, many areas are still waiting for cable and internet. In the meantime, crews, neighbors, and even complete strangers are all still pitching in to put their neighborhoods back together.

Tree removal crew members say they've been working around the clock to clear the hazardous trees and debris, but it could take several more weeks - even months - to complete their work.