Cleanup slow going in flood ravaged Putnam County

Residents in the Putnam County village of Ottawa have experienced nearly every possible weather scenario in the last week. A heavy snowfall two weekends ago was followed by a warmup. Then torrential rains slammed the area last weekend. Those conditions caused the Blanchard River to rise and then on Sunday the river overran its banks causing flooding in the Northwest Ohio towns that sit along the river. David Gibson can see the Blanchard River from his backyard. "It really started on Sunday and when the water started coming it was probably a foot an hour," Mr. Gibson said.

Dozens of homes in Ottawa were flooded. A handful of families were forced to leave their homes. The Putnam County Red Cross is paying for a few familes to stay in motel rooms.

The flooded streets have turned to ice slowing the water's recession. Gibson gave credit to one of his neighbors who provided a real service to the block on Tuesday. "One guy was out here until 10:30 pm last night with his plow clearing the ice from people's driveways so they could get out, and that was a nice thing to see especially on Christmas Eve," Mr. Gibson said.

On Thursday the Putnam County Emergency Management Agency will tour affected neighborhoods to assess flood damage.