Cleland's Outdoor World deemed total loss in fire

Clelands Outdoor World is gone.

Today employees are trying to sort out and salvage any valuables they can, while the guys in white shirts, insurance agents, as well as fire investigators assess the damage from yesterday's fire.

The Division of State Fire Marshal and the [Monclova] Township Fire Department have completed their investigation and have ruled the fire as undetermined which means we could not pinpoint a specific cause, said Shane Cartmill, spokesman for the State Fire Marshal TMs Office.

Investigators were however, able to determine that it was not intentionally set and that the blaze may have started from some sort of wiring or electrical malfunction.

The building is a total loss with damage costs estimated at over half a million dollars, but Clelands isn't the only business biting a financial bullet.

We anticipated that we were going to be packed, said Lora Mcintyre, a cashier at the Loma Linda Restaurant just across the street from the now torched firing range.

Yesterday was supposed to be Margarita Monday and one of the busiest days of the year, but business was halted when fire crews shut down Airport Highway for several hours.

It definitely put a great damper on business for Loma Linda's yesterday, said Mcintyre.

Of course one day TMs loss in revenue might seem like a pretty good deal to the folks at Clelands who lost it all.

Two firefighters were injured while battling the blaze during Monday's sweltering heat and humidity.

One was transported to an area hospital while the other was treated at the scene.