Cleland's Outdoor World gears up for hunting season

Smoke is seen pouring from the store after a fire, July 5, 2010.

From repairs to special orders to sales, it's clear Cleland's Outdoor World is staring down the barrel of hunting season.

We're all getting into the fall feeling and so everyone is a little excited, but I don't think there is anyway to thank our customers enough, said Theresa Cleland, the store TMs owner.

After a devastating July fire that brought Cleland TMs to its knees, Theresa didn't know if she would ever get back up and running again. At our age we very definitely considered not moving forward, not getting back into it, we're at retirement age, said Cleland.

Yet, instead of retiring, she leased a small building just across Airport Highway from the old place and started over. The building isn't as big and the inventory not as vast, but the customers are loyal and folks are simply gearing up for the next big hunt. It's wonderful; they just stop by and say hello and it feels good. I guess it makes us feel more at home like we're back.

Within two weeks the old Cleland TMs building will be leveled making way for a new store to be built on the same site.