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      Cleveland case renews hope for mother of missing Skelton brothers

      T he miracle out of Cleveland, is giving hope to the loved ones of missing people.

      L ocally , you may be familiar with the three missing Skelton brothers from Morenci, Michigan. Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton have been missing since Thanksgiving of 2010. In that time, their mother Tanya Zuvers has been on TV and other forms of media making sure their not forgotten.

      " T here's still hope," says Zuvers as she recalls watching coverage of three Cleveland women rescued from a house where they've been held captive for a decade.

      T heir discovery is renewing hope even more that Alexander, Andrew, and Tanner will one day return home alive.

      P osters , a Facebook page and media coverage has generated tips, "just a few weeks ago, I had one come on the boys Facebook page. This woman was certain she had seen my boys," explains Zuvers. But when she followed up on the tip, "She said, I'm sorry. It wasn't your sons."

      T hat news certainly was a punch in the gut. With numerous tips coming in, Zuvers says she takes one a day at a time.

      " I n the beginning, you did get excited. Now, I've learned, I don't get too excited or anxious about that because I've been disappointed one too many times."

      Z uvers believes her sons are alive and has a message for whoever she bel ie ves has them , "let them go, take then to a hospital, police station, fire station, McDonalds, where ever, and just let them go."

      I f you any information on the missing boys you're urged to call the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children at 1-(800)- 843-5678.