Club, open for three weeks, permanently closing after shooting

Toledo, OH - Metropolis Dance Club located at 2600 Sylvania Ave. has only been open since July 7, but after a shots were fired in the parking lot over the weekend, owners have decided to close the doors for good.

The incident happened Saturday evening at about 8 P.M. following a private party.

Dalon Clark and Corvin English were arrested in connection with the shooting. The police report states that two handguns and drugs were found in Clark's vehicle.

"My daughter was closing. I'm just happy she happen to be inside at the time," says Kim Zawacki, who owns Zavotski Custom Meats.

Her meat store shares an inner wall with Metropolis. She says surrounding businesses have worked hard to make the strip mall inviting to locals.

"The plaza has been revitalized" Say Kim. "We have a church, a school, and a bunch of family owned businesses."

Both business and residential neighbors weren't happy when they heard a club was opening in the former Bigz Bar and Grill location.

Kim says, "I'm truthfully not sad to see them go at the moment. Hopefully they can come in and turn it around and bring in something family oriented to keep with the neighborhood."

She says the club frequented her meat store, and should have talked to the people in the area before opening Metropolis.

The club's facebook page, says more than $100,000 was spent to renovate the location. But after the shooting, the owners do not plan to re-open.

They posted a comment apologizing to the community for the incident. It states that when re-opened, the formerly Metropolis, formerly Bigz, will be a family friendly restaurant, not a nightclub or bar. They add that they will have the doors closed by 11 P.M.