Clyde Cancer Cluster lawsuit discussed at town hall

Clyde residents past and present gathered Monday at a town hall meeting at Fremont Ross High School to discuss a lawsuit in relation to the alleged Clyde Cancer Cluster.

Attorneys recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the Whirlpool Corporation, which claims evidence of dumping toxic material at several Clyde locations led to an outbreak of cancer and other health issues in adults and children.

Attorneys Alan Mortensen and Charles Boyk presented results from the Environmental Protection Agencyâ??s tests on the soil at four of the 14 allegedly contaminated sites. Results claim high concentrations of arsenic, PCBs, and other carcinogens in the soil at each of the sites. Further tests on attic dust in six Clyde homes say five contained unsafe levels of the carcinogen Benzaldehyde. All results tested above the U.S. EPA Residential Regional Screening Level.

Despite the findings, the EPA claimed soil contaminated at Whirlpool Park was too far underground for human exposure. Based on assessments and information the agency obtained from the sites, the EPA determined â??Removal action was not warranted.â??

Residents are outraged. They hope the lawsuit will bring justice to those affected, including 30 children diagnosed with cancer, five who died.

â??I donâ??t just think Bubba was one of the few who was unfortunate,â?? said Clyde resident Cinda McGilton, who lost her son to cancer. â??I think it came from somewhere, just like with all these other people who it has happened to.â??

Attorneys told residents who attended Mondayâ??s meeting they will continue to test locations throughout Clyde for contamination, and they encourage help and support from the community. More information about the Clyde Cancer Cluster can be found at