Coast Guard calls off search for missing kayakers

The search for Jonathan Francis and his 12-year-old daughter Viola has been permanently suspended by the Coast Guard.

Officials say, if the two were in the water this long, they could not have survived.

"The actual water might be 70 degrees, but that water is still pretty cold," says Deandre Burks, spokesperson for the US Coast Guard.

The DNR will reportedly continue the search to some degree, but it has now become a recovery effort.

The Coast Guard says the excitement about the warming temperatures will often entice folks into a water trip too early in the season.

"Being out there on a kayak or small boats with heavy winds or heavy seas, it is very tricky," says Burks.

The two kayaks that Jonathan and Viola took out were found a few miles away on the shore of Lake Erie. The pair were reportedly not wearing life vests.

The water temperature when Jonathan and Viola went missing was less than 50 degrees. At that level, it will cause unconsciousness in less than 90 minutes.