Cold, snowy March hurting Toledo golf courses

Toledo golfers had it easy around this time last year. In the second half of March strong breezes from the southwest rushed warm air into the region leading to multiple days with temperatures above 70. This sent golfers by the hundreds to area golf courses. March 2013 is an entirely different story says Greg Fish of South Toledo Golf Club. "This year it was mild in the winter, but this March has been considerably worse than last year as far as the cold," Mr. Fish said.

For those golfers who can't wait to swing their golf clubs there is the golf simulator at Tamron Country Club. Longtime golfer Ed Church says he and his buddies use the golf simulator every Monday during the winter. "You can pick from any number of famous courses around the world and it helps you keep your golf courses in shape," Mr. Church said.

The weather is expected to moderate in time for the weekend.