Cold sore or oral cancer? Owens provides free oral cancer screenings

Owens hygienist performs screening on patient / By Michael Melchiorre

Owens Community College invited local residents to a free screening for oral cancer Wednesday.

Owens TM Dental Hygiene Program along with the Toledo Dental Hygienists TM Association and Promedica performed the exams to participate in Dental Hygiene Month.

Dr. Ted Beitelcheese, DDS says that early detection of the cancer is an important key to treatment.

"Oral cancer is a disease that still strikes a lot of Americans and unfortunately its one of those cancers that has not really been approved upon when it comes to survivability and treatment." Beitelcheese said.

Oral cancer in its early stages is totally symptomatic| People aren TMt aware of anything (oral cancer). It doesn't hurt, it doesn't burn| there is hardly any swelling and many times, most of the time, its only found in early detection in exams a such we are doing today.

Beitelcheese says that oral cancer is commonly caused by smoking and alcohol consumption. However, he says that oral cancer is on a 25% rise in younger adults and children who don TMt smoke and drink.

This is why we are stressing these kinds of examinations even more.

According to WebMD, symptoms of oral cancer can appear as a growth or a sore in the month that doesn TMt go away. The sores can appear on the lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate, sinuses, throat and floor of the mouth.