Colder weather sending more people to homeless shelters

As the first cold snap of the season bears down on Toledo, homeless shelters are bracing for an influx of people seeking a place to sleep for the night. But they are doing it with less money as the city of Toledo has reduced the amount of money that the city's four federally funded shelters have received in recent years. "We are living in an era of cuts and cuts and cuts," said Joe Hebib of St. Paul's Community Center. "We try to reach out to the community and ask for donations; even supplies such as pillows and linen go a long way," Mr. Hebib said. In addition to St. Paul's, Family House, Aurora House and La Posada receive funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The money is dispensed through the city of Toledo's Department of Neighborhoods.

The Cherry Street Mission is also bracing for more people in its shelters. "We did not see a drop in our numbers in the summer so if we did not see a drop in our summer numbers then our winter numbers could be worse," said Charles Allen, Cherry Street Mission Vice President of Transformative Services. But Allen says the shelter will be able to accomodate as many people as need shelter during the winter.