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      College students prep for final debate parties

      The final Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and opponent Mitt Romney drew interest from younger voters Monday, who turned out for watch parties on local campuses.

      Both the Republican and Democratic parties hosted events to gain support for their respective candidates and to watch the debates, giving voters the chance to hear the pivotal issues.

      Wood County Republicans invited supporters to the Bowling Green Victory Center, where they welcomed about 20 people during the last debate. Bowling Green State University student volunteers answered phone calls and campaigned for the local vote, which currently stands at about a 50/50 split between the candidates.

      "I'm pretty positive that we're going to see Mitt Romney at his best and he'll show us what kind of foreign policy leadership he'll give our country," said GOP volunteer Irene Hinesman. She continued, "Mitt Romney through the last two debates has shown what kind of leader he'll be for us on domestic policies, and I think he'll come through really strong on the foreign policy issues."

      Meanwhile, Democratic supporters joined OFA-OH and Toledo City Council President Joe McNamara to watch the debate in the Student Union at the University of Toledo. About 30 students gathered to gain some more insight on the key issues.

      "I'm interested in politics and especially protecting my rights as a woman, and I believe Obama supports those," said UT Women's Studies major Jeanetta Mohlke-Hill. "With Romney I'm a little worried about my access to health care, especially some of the comments the GOP has been making about rape and birth control, it's a little scary to me."

      "I'm looking for them to face the issues and explain both of their sides thoroughly," said UT student Lexi Jarrett. She continued, "Personally I'm a Romney fan, so I'm looking for him to excel like he did in the first debate and come out with a win."

      Vice President Joe Biden will speak Tuesday at the University of Toledo Student Union as part of a three-day tour through Ohio. The event begins at 11 a.m.

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