College students sleep in boxes to raise awareness of homelessness

It might seem a little bit chilly to be sleeping out under the stars. But that is exactly what some Owens Community College and Bowling Green State University students are doing on the OCC campus Thursday night.

This is not an ordinary campout. The students are sleeping in boxes to raise awareness about homelessness.

This is the sixth year the organizations have held the tent city.

Their specific effort this year is to benefit those in the LGBTQIA community-- or those in the sexual preference or gender minorities who may be forced to spend life on the streets because of lack of support for their lifestyle.

Students say spending one night being cold and uncomfortable is the least they can do.

"We can hear about things all day long and not really, fully understand what it's like. We're still not going to fully understand what it's like but we're at least going to experience one day out of the year that other people experience their whole lives," said Nicole Lance, Student Activities Advisor.

Support from this effort is going to Rainbow Area Youth.

Would you sleep in a box overnight for a good cause?