Collins divulges financial records

Mayoral candidate D. Michael Collins is making his position on transparency clear, by making his personal financial records public.

During a press conference at his campaign headquarters on Monday morning, Collins released copies of his 2012 income tax return and credit score. The move, which was not at the request of the media, adds a new element to the mayorâ??s race.

â??It hasnâ??t been the practice in the past I can assure you of that. In 2009 it was never requested, so therefore in 2013, Iâ??m offering it as part of what I stand for in terms of transparency, integrity and honesty.â??

The documents show Collins made $74, 862 in 2012. He received a â??Grade Aâ?? on his credit report, scoring a 916 out of a possible 990. He encouraged other candidates to follow suit.

â??Youâ??re asking, theyâ??re asking the voters to allow them to be the CEO or the mayor of a half a billion dollar a year business. Iâ??m not going to make a judgement as to whether they should or should not, Iâ??m doing it because I feel that it is important for the voters to have this information.â??

Mayor Mike bell said he would release his financial reports with a formal written request.

â??I donâ??t have any debt, I live within my means, just like what weâ??re doing with our city,â?? said Bell. He continued, â??Weâ??re trying to live within our means in our city and I do the same thing at my own home.â??

Several other candidates responded to Collinsâ?? request.

Democrat Anita Lopez said, â??I have released my Personal Financial Disclosure through the Ohio Ethics Commission every year I have been on the ballot or held elected office. I plan to make my returns public. I am running for Mayor of Toledo to bring transparency and responsiveness to city government."

Democrat Joe McNamara told WNWO, "I believe our Mayor needs to be open and transparent. I will release these documents before the Primary so voters have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision. I have a strong record as the leading voice for transparency and openness in government."

This information may appear to make the candidates more transparent, but it remains to be seen whether that will matter to the voters.

Other candidates in the mayorâ??s race include Republican Opal Covey, Michael Konwinski, Alan Cox, and Don Gozdowski.