Collins talks about what he has in store for Toledo

<p> <font size="2">Collins also plans to raise the morale of the Glass City.</font> </p>

When the votes were tallied Tuesday night, it was clear that D. Michael Collins would be Toledo's next mayor.

Wednesday morning, Collins was a bit weary after a long election night.

Collins says, "40 hours of work, and about three hours of sleep. So, I'm a little tired."

But the councilman was back to work at One Government Center, and already planning for when he takes the mayor's office in January.

"My platform is very, very different from what citizens are currently experiencing," he says.

Collins says, once in office, an increase in public safety will be at the top of his to-do list.

"We are going to reopen the Northwest District Station. I would like to move on that as rapidly as possible," Collins says about the closed police sub-station.

Collins is a 27 year Toledo police veteran, and plans to shake up that department from the top.

"There will be changes in the police department. We are going to go back to the fundamental roles of a police officer, and that's going to be beat integrity," he explains.

Collins also plans to raise the morale of the Glass City.

"You talk to someone that's been in Toledo all their life, and their negative with Toledo. And we have to change that," says Collins.

He says everyone will have to play a role in the city's future, and will make Toledo's government more "for the people."

"I'm hoping I can bring a breath of difference into the city, and create a whole new attitude. And that can't be done by myself," he says.

WNWO called Mayor Mike Bell for comment, and a representative told us Bell would be taking a few days off, and letting D. Michael Collins enjoy his victory.