Collins: Water distribution will continue until Toledo water safe to drink

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says water distribution in and around the city of Toledo will continue as residents are being warned not to drink the water.

Mayor Collins announced Saturday evening that additional water samples are being flown out of Toledo for testing. The results of that test may not be available until early Sunday morning.

The mayor urges affected residents to use common sense and heed all warnings.


Toxins in water force state of emergency in Toledo

1. It is safe for healthy adults to bathe, wash their hands, and shower. While bathing, children should be under the supervision of an adult to prevent accidental drinking of the water.

2. Do not drink tap water until the all clear is given, this also includes pets.

3. Do not use tap water to cook until the all clear is given.

4. Do not boil tap water.

5. It is ok to use and flush your toilet.

City officials issued the warning Saturday after tests revealed the presence of a toxin possibly from algae on Lake Erie.

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Gov. John Kasich has declared a state of emergency in northwest Ohio that is allowing state agencies and the Ohio National Guard to begin delivering water.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says more tests are being run to determine if the water is safe. He hopes to have those results later Saturday.