Comfort, sunshine Thursday ahead of steamy forecast

Most of us will be wishing for more of what we'll be seeing Thursday by Saturday as we're plunged back into a steam bath. In fact if you could bottle what is on tap today I get you'd be able to sell it all year long!

Partly cloudy skies will be with us all day long. With low humidity and comfy highs topping out in the upper 70's I hope you can get out there and drink plenty of it in as we've got some big changes ahead with the Comfort Index going down and the Sweat Index cranking up.

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Overnight we'll be partly cloudy with lows in the low and mid 60's. A warm front moves through the region Friday morning and we'll see our skies going from partly to mostly cloudy during the morning hours. The real difference will be felt as southerly breezes develop and humidity streams in. By mid-afternoon tomorrow temps will climb into the mid 80's and with all of the humidity we'll be experiening Heat Indices in the upper 80's.

For the Labor Day weekend - Saturday will be even warmer and more humid. If you're going to be spending much time outside be sure to dress for the heat, use caution and stay hydrated as we'll see hazy skies and it will be hot and humid with highs in the upper 80's and Feels-Like temps heading well into the 90's. I hope your area pool is still open or that you have a giving friend with a boat! We could see an isolated t'storm or two during the afternoon - but chances are that the storms will hold off til later in the day. A frontal boundary moves into the region Saturday night and Sunday and will kick-off more widespread, scattered showers and thunderstorms. Sunday won't be a washout - but you will have to keep an eye to the sky and pick your spots to fire up that grill on the back deck. Highs will be in the low and mid 80's with more cloud cover. Labor Day looks to offer some isolated showers and storms but most of us will be dry most of the day with warmer highs getting into the mid 80's.

The storms settle down on Tuesday and we trend quiet and slightly cooler into the middle of next week.

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Enjoy the good stuff being served today and have a great one!