Comic shops bring cheer to Toledo Children’s Hospital

Comic shops bring cheer to Toledo Children’s Hospital (WNWO).

Some patients at the Toledo Children's Hospital got some new reading material on Thursday.

Monarch Comics and Seann's Anime and Comics delivered comics, coloring books and crayons to kids.

Throughout the summer, the stores had giveaways in exchange for donations to the children's hospital.

In addition to the goodies, they also donated more than a thousand dollars.

“Through the donations of generous people I was able to play on a video game system and read great books; and things like that to make the time I spent here less awful,” says Kyle Northrop, Owner of Seann's Anime & Comics. “If we can do that with comic books which is something that myself, and Steve and Ed are incredibly passionate about then that makes things better for everyone."

Northrop also said today's donation is very near to him as he spent time in the hospital as a child as well.

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