Commissioners pass Lucas county budget

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner proposed the new budget back in November.

Lucas County Commissioners passed the 2009 county budget by a vote of two to one.

The $142 million budget includes an amended 2008 capital improvement plan, window replacement at 701 Adams Street and ten items for the new downtown arena.

The Board of Lucas County Commissioners say they acted on a 2009 general fund budget which show reductions in each city operating department and a 5.6% total reduction over the final 2008 budget. Board members says this is the second year in a row that the overall budget was significantly reduced compared to the previous year.

Like state and local governments across the nation, Lucas County is facing significant revenue shortfalls, said Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak. As our local families and business cut back to make ends meet, we TMve had to take steps to reduce the size of county government and protect those services that our residents depend on first.

Commissioner Ben Konop voted against the budget, saying "my decision is based on proposals in this budget to potentially eliminate some road patrols by the Sheriff's department and the exclusion of a new class of Sheriff's deputies." Konop also objected to the allocation of $450,000 for new windows at the county's building located at 701 Adams St., abitrary pay raises to select employees amidst the lay offs of 20 county employees, and the closing of exhibit halls of the Lucas County Recreation Center which would end events such as Children's Wonderland.